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Digital Menu Board


Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards can help your business in many ways; from altering consumer behaviours at the point - of - sale, enhancing and promoting your brand, scheduling different menus and pro-motions during peak periods, instant pricing changes, managing your signage from a central location, to increasing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Digital Menu Board can be easily customized as your digital signage to reflect your brand and diner's tastes. Use the digital menu board on the outside of your restaurant to draw diners in, or place signage inside to help you to advertise, upsell, or entertain guests.

We at Arham Smart Signages continued to perfect over the years.

this has become possible only because of our strong principle and our team who is continuously getting addicted to that principle.

Arham Smart Signages is one of the South India’s well known brand for LED Displays and Promotional Displays . With a 2500 Sqft showroom in the heart of Chennai located in Mount road we have the largest display Experience centre where customers can touch and fell all our displays and can relate to their requirements as well.

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